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Kristy Herring,- Founder and Executive Director

 Kristy holds masters degrees in Teaching English as a Second Language and Global and International Education with a concentration in Educational Policy. She has been a public school educator for almost 20 years and has taught classes at the post-secondary level. She worked as a  Manager of Congregational Outreach for a non-profit organization that services immigrants and refugees nationwide. She has also traveled to Mexico, Dominican Republic, South Africa and Guatemala serving developing communities and sponsoring trips for youth and adults to participate in community service projects.  

Our Team

About Us


Our Goal


Beyond C2 envisions: 

  • gains in participation of youth from low-income communities in Baltimore City in study abroad programs 
  •  increased participation of Baltimore City youth from low income communities in  cross-cultural and multi-disciplinary service- learning experiences 
  • expansion of volunteers and resources available to meet the social and economic needs of underserved communities 


Get Involved

Beyond C2 was created to provide secondary and post-secondary students from low-income communities access to service learning and advanced academic opportunities..  On the secondary level, we are especially interested in English language learners and gifted and talented students.    


Program Description

Beyond C2 is a two-track global education program for secondary/post-secondary students.  We offer all students opportunities to participate in local, national and global developmental projects and expose post-secondary students to study abroad and assist them with enrollment. Our non-conventional programs catapult students into the global arena and involve them in meaningful activities that integrate content knowledge across disciplines.  Our programs support quality education, promote healthcare and provide resources to maintain sustainable economic growth in developing communities.   

College Program


The Project

The Project- Service Learning Symposium is a monthly session offered during the Fall and Spring semesters for college freshmen and sophomores to explore and collaborate with their peers on an issue that impacts development in underserved communities locally and globally. Inviting students into discussions around poverty, educational inequities, healthcare disparities and environmental degradation builds global awareness, and provides opportunities for the development of solutions to community problems. At the beginning of each semester, students register to join The Project. Students attend four sessions and  spend two service days connecting with a target community supporting a project that addresses the symposium topic. The Project promotes collaboration, develops leadership skills and underscores the importance of service.  Students who participate in The Project are eligible for a summer internship with Beyond C2  and to join us in Mexico or Puerto Rico (or with one of our partners in Haiti or the Bahamas) for a global service experience.  Our goal is to expose students to and encourage participation in international service activities and in study abroad programs. 

K-12 ~Program

Summer Intensive


The summer intensive - Global Servant Leadership Academy is offered directly by Beyond C2. A cohort of 16 rising 8th and 9th graders spend three weeks together delving into local issues and working collaboratively to craft solutions. The cohort continues to meet monthly throughout the school year to further develop their project. Admission to this program is by application. Successful completion qualifies students to participate in the following year's international service project that addresses the same topic as the local project. 



An after-school curriculum is available that provides students a targeted opportunity to participate in the program. After-school programs are managed by Beyond C2 staff or by school staff who have completed Beyond C2 training. Programs should be initiated at the beginning of the Fall semester. Students who successfully complete the project are eligible for a regional service project the summer of the next year. 

16 weeks


Beyond C2 provides schools with curriculum to offer a 16 week service learning program as an elective during the Fall.  (The curriculum can be purchased by the school for a monthly or annual fee.)

Local Projects


 Relationship building and servant leadership are the foundations of this program. Students are introduced to communities and are afforded opportunities to build relationships and learn how to become global servant leaders. With relationships established, students and community members work collaboratively in the development and execution of a project. Local projects include home construction or renovations of abandoned buildings, developing after-school programs, construction of community centers and playgrounds, creation of youth micro-businesses, tutoring, revitalizing established communities and more. Students also learn how to engage in advocacy and opportunities are available to spend time on the Hill talking with political leaders.

National Projects


Through  national projects, students can  observe these issues on a larger scale realizing that it is not just their neighborhood or their city that is faced with challenges, but the entire nation. As students engage in projects in places like rural West Virginia, the Rio Grande Valley or a Native American Reservation, they will recognize that their participation is essential in creating positive change and ensuring sustainable development in our nation.  Because of distance, the team will form a partnership with another school, community organization, or leadership group that will continue to execute the project in the team’s absence. Through the use of the various online communication tools, the team will continue to provide input and remain actively involved in the project.

Global Projects


  Beyond C2’s goal is for every student to participate in a global project. We are committed to equipping youth with the tools they need to address global issues that we, heretofore, have not been able to solve. Beyond C2 is not only committed to preparing our youth to be familiar with the global stage, but to confidently stand on it and collaborate with others from around the world in response to global crises and community needs. Our target developing communities are Latin American. Currently, we are planning projects in Mexico and Puerto Rico. 

Measurable Outcomes


1.  To prepare summer cohort members and after-school teams to become global servant leaders who engage in local and 

     global service projects. As a result of our program, we expect:

  •  Minority participation in local and global service projects to increase by 25% each year;
  • In the upcoming school year, cohort members will outperform their classmates (who  did not participate in the program) on quarterly benchmarks and annual standardized assessments;
  •  There will be an 80% increase in the number of cohort and after school team members who participate in  service projects throughout the year;
  •  All cohort members will show improvement on reasoning and problem solving measurements;
  • English language learners who are a part of the cohort or after school team will increase their score on the WIDA language assessment by .5 or better; and 
  •  A project will be created and/or supported to meet the needs of a local community 

2.  To increase awareness  and participation among minority college students in service learning and study abroad

     experiences.  As a result of the Service Learning Symposium, there will be:

  • An increased awareness of global issues among host campus' students
  • A surge in minority participation in study abroad programs
  • A boost in participation in service learning projects

Course Overview



 During Summer academy, secondary students grapple with ways to improve their world and become global servant leaders. They also broaden their math, reading, social studies, research, writing and science knowledge.  This program meets Common Core Standards and helps students fulfill their service learning requirements for graduation.   Topics include: 5 Ws of Service Learning, Spanish, Economic Development,  Global Servant Leadership , Interpersonal Skills/Team-building, Grant Writing and Fund Development,  Cultural Competence, Issues Facing Our World and Communications.


Students will devise and present a project proposal that:

1) reflects critical articulation of ideas in written and oral form. 

2) makes practical application of math, science, language arts and social studies skills;

3) synthesizes cultural ideas and integrates subject matter; 

5) solves a problem;

6) reveals the ability to negotiate and to integrate ideas from collaborative exchanges; 

7) makes known an understanding of social issues and governmental structures; and 

8) includes a program budget 


During our  three- hour monthly Saturday Symposiums, students analyze urban  and global issues and collaborate with local  community leaders to help develop solutions. Servant leadership,  program development, fund development,  and cultural competence are also explored as students prepare for engagement in service projects and study abroad programs.   Students are expected to actively participate in a project offering assistance in a variety of ways from manual labor to technology support. Information about study abroad opportunities is presented during each session to build awareness of the cultural and educational benefits. 

School Partnerships

Schools are invited to partner with BeyondC2 functioning as host sites and the headquarters for service activities within the school community.  Each site  that hosts a Summer Intensive is guaranteed 4 of the 16 cohort spots for their students as well as an opportunity to engage their school in acts of service throughout the school year.

Questions Our Students Ask

Quality Education

What are leaders in my target community doing to  ensure that children have access to a quality education? How can I support their efforts?

Heath Care

What impact does a lack of affordable healthcare have on the sustainability of a my target community?


What do I need to know about government policies to help  leaders in my target community improve the infrastructure?


Is poverty in my target community irreversible? If so, what can we do to contain its impact?

Natural Disasters

What is the likelihood that a natural disaster could occur again?  How do we minimize human and structural casualties?

Food Insecurity

What are the factors that contribute to food insecurity in my target community?

Where We Work


U.S. Cities




Puerto Rico

Current Projects


We have worked in Mexico since 2005. We have provided human and financial resources for educational and healthcare projects and economic development.  We have built a relationship with the community that has afforded us the opportunity to engage in projects that support sustainable growth.


Answers to Your Questions

1. Is there professional development for teachers who will facilitate this program?

   Yes, teacher training is available for all educators who will facilitate this program.

    Schools can schedule a professional development session. 

2. How often are trips offered?

    National and international trips are offered once a year during the summer and last 7


3. What are the qualifications for students to participate in the summer intensive?

    There is an application process to join the summer cohort. Students must be rising 8th 

     and 9th graders, have a 3.0 or better G.P.A, no discipline referrals or suspensions in the

     last in the last year and provide three letters of recommendation. 

4. When are students eligible to participate in international experiences?

   Students are eligible for an international experience after they have successfully 

   completed a school program and/or summer intensive and participated in at least three

   local service projects.

5. Is there a program fee?

    After-school programs are free. Scholarships will be awarded to students who are 

   selected to participate in the Summer Intensive.  Service Learning Symposiums are open 

   each semester to 25 freshmen and sophomores. Participation is free; however students   

   must register.

5. How are funds raised to cover trip expenses?

    Grants will be used to subsidize national and international travel expenses.   To apply the

   lessons from their classes on fund development, students will participate in fundraising

   activities to help defray the cost.

6. What is the ratio of student to chaperone at project locations?

     The ratio is 4 to 1.

7. Are chaperones required  to  have a security clearance?

    Yes, all chaperones must have security clearance.


 Become a BEYONDER!

  Are you interested in joining others who are supporting sustainable projects around the world?  Let's work together to make an incredible impact on  communities. If you are a school official, consider hosting a program. If you are a parent or student, contact us for an application or registration information.  

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Beyond C2

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